Hello world! Beginning my part of the resistance please come back for more. I can promise this will be very enlightening.

What this site is going to concern is information on Government Corruption, Illuminati Occult History, Occult Symbolism and Numerology, Freemasons and their connection with all this. Disclosure project about the extraterrestrial presence that is, has and always will be here, underground, above ground and in the skies. Information on Underground Military Bases, Government Bases, and Extraterrestrial Bases. Extraterrestrial Races and their purpose here. 2012, Ancient Sumerian History, Ancient Egyptian History, Babylonians, Aztecs, Mayans, Jesus Christ, and The true story of the Nephilim and Biblical scripture and understanding it. I will help link to you the info to attain enough truth to intuitively grasp and practice being happy and intellectually gain confidence alongside anti-egotism, which gives you paths for eternal life through meditation and ascension into the intergalactic universe. I will be compiling the best and most truthful(to what I can grasp  intuitively and factually) information I have attained over a substantial period of time along with new findings. Some will not fall under the stated subjects but pertain to it somehow. All is relevant to us and our short time of existence on this earth.  And the evolution of mankind is in dire need of questioneers!!! Wake up and lets organize the humanitarian revolutionary takeover of the elite powers. Don’t be afraid as we do not need to be, but this is a battlefield and our enemy is here and have pre-planned and perpetuated to  every measure with the utmost dedication and delegation ever in history of planet earth. With the relentless persistence to stay in control of our minds and lives and anyone who resists their beliefs they want us to believe. For wealth and control with advantages on every level. Because of the intellectual, methodical, numerical, symbolistic ways of  and with advantageous information hidden and propagated for years beyond our mindset(perceptions,self reality). So much is out to find truth yet every avenue has both sides of conflicting information. With the power of the whole we can and will change the world… for the future of mankind, our children, and the essence of divinity we have to be great and not destroy our earth and the life that lives on this beautiful planet. More later thank you all for coming here please check back as I am just starting this site but in very short amount of time will have many avenues to find interesting info… recommend repost and empower the people!!! Good job and Thank you for caring as I may not know you I appreciate you who come with open minds and goodness in your means of times. MIND BODY SOUL!!!